Meez™ – WhitePaper – introducing Weez™ -XChange



TechnoComanche™ – Today at 8:23 PM
please read
Will Riker – Today at 8:24 PM
TechnoComanche™ – Today at 8:24 PM

Meez‘n’ Weez™ WhitePaper


:CHEEse: B introduced to the abstract concept of Meez™
Meez™ acting with the accumulated wealth of CHEEse in the best interest of the CryptoCommunity with the ultimate goal to BuyBackEarth™ completely by 2030.

1.0 Introduction

‘’ CHEEseCoin has been designed to solve the core problem inherent to nowadays human life which is: liquidity. ‘’
CHEEseCoin is a secure and private open source cryptocurrency which is aimed to be accessible to and exchangeable with all others on Meez™ exchange.
CHEEse guarantees infinite liquidity as long as it benefits a CHEEseMember or BuyBackEarth™.
Meez™ controls and YOU hold responsibility for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are kept private
from intrusive eyes through peer to peer encryption technology. CHEEseCoin doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel instead pools all useful and working techniques already existent and provides the needed liquidity to enable Weez™ to escape modern fiscal slavery.
seems CHEEse community isn’t mature enough for that and can b edidet out completely
Meez prefers the introduction of a new coin
Weez™ continue the whitepaper!(edited)

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